• Copyright Exhaustion in the Digital Context

    1er juillet 2019

    Can you resell downloaded software, games, e-books and other ‘digital content’, and is it possible to transfer your cloud and streaming accounts ? The CJEU has answered in the positive with regard to downloaded software (UsedSoft) and will very soon take a stance on downloaded e-books (Tom Kabinet). The Court’s intentions to warrant the transferability of ‘digital assets’ is praiseworthy, yet its lines of reasoning are criticisable. In contrast to the CJEU’s findings, transferability has little (...)

  • Cable transmissions - peace at last ?

    30 avril 2019

    Cable re/transmissions have been the subject of debate(and litigation) for as long as we can remember. The harmonised regime of mandatory collective management of rights (since the SatCab Directive 93/83) has raised complex questions relating to the notion of “cable retransmission”, in particular in relation to the technique of “direct injection”. Recent reforms at the Belgian and European levels attempt to address the notions of “retransmission” and “direct injection” and provide a coherent set (...)

  • Round Tables

    4 mars 2019

    Round-Tables 18 février 2019