In the C More Entertainment case, the European Court allowed Member States to broaden the exclusive rights of broadcasting organisations, provided it does not undermine the authors’ rights. At the same time, global online platform operators have begun to encompassing the broadcast business model, by investments in original content, merging with news corporations and even buying sports rights, while taking over advertising revenues and eroding the linear programme schedule. As broadcasters will deliver their programming increasingly via online and other new platforms, this raises the question whether, against the background of 20 years WIPO discussions, an update of the EU acquis is long overdue. Moreover, the neighbouring right will also be relevant for certain issues of the ongoing copyright reform such as the liability of intermediaries and enforcement.

Orateurs : Heijo Ruijsenaars (Head of Intellectual Property ; Legal Department of the European Broadcasting Union – Geneva) and Agnieszka Horak (Association of Commercial Television)

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Heijo Ruijsenaars

Agnieszka Horak